I hope that I’m safe in thinking that most people (as in the vast majority of humanity) would hesitate before inflicting violence on another living creature. Ultimately, violence is most powerful as the tactic held in reserve. Visualize Putin’s army on Ukraine’s border. Oh, yeah, it is on Ukraine’s border.

Meanwhile, here in the US of A, a small but vocal minority would have us believe that they need an arsenal at their fingertips in order to feel safe.

Safe from what? Putin’s army?

We’re talking about guns capable of killing on a scale that would have been incomprehensible to the framers of the Constitution.

Is this really what they had in mind?

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Rights and Responsibilities

Anybody remember O. J. Simpson? He killed those people … with a knife … didn’t need no gun. Got acquitted, too. Then came the civil suits … civil court is different, lawyers aren’t any cheaper though.

How about this? You gotta right to own guns, okay, and if you want to use them to kill people you may get away with it. You may not. And, after, there will be civil litigation. Because you had a gun.

Because you paid someone money for the gun, it had value. It was an asset … until you pulled the trigger. Now, it’s a liability. In principle, firing your gun is no different from launching a nuclear missile,it’s just a matter of size. You set something in motion, you never know how it’s going to turn out. You throw something in the air, it’s gonna come down.

In addition to what you intended it to do, that bullet can do any amount of unintended damage … and, because you insisted on having the gun, and because you pulled the trigger … you’re the responsible party. Welcome to adulthood.


Federally Insured Gun Safety Bill

Insuring gun owners from potential civil liabilities incurred while exercising their Constitutional right to bear arms.

e. g. automobiles … all states require motor vehicle owners to comply with a basic safety net of insurance requirements. Ostensibly, you’re insuring the vehicle. In reality you’re insuring the driver (do cars get DUI’s?). Banks require that homeowners have insurance on mortgaged property, contractors are required to carry liability insurance, insurance companies even have their own standards about what they will insure. Prove yourself a risk, and your rates escalate, or you get canceled. Canceled!

We need to apply the same standards to gun ownership, immediately.




Carpenter: woodcarver with a bent for typography, music, poetry, good design & living well in peace and harmony. Un-apologetically Southern; literate…

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michael langford

michael langford

Carpenter: woodcarver with a bent for typography, music, poetry, good design & living well in peace and harmony. Un-apologetically Southern; literate…

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